Coronavirus Precautions EN



Safety is, and always will be, our top priority. Since the onset of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak, our primary focus has been keeping our Owners and employees healthy and safe.

We are carefully monitoring all restrictions imposed by the different countries and continue to identify how we can best support your travel requirements. For an overview of the restrictions in place, speak to our team or we encourage you to visit the IATA website.


While flying private (and avoiding crowded, commercial airports) already provides a level of protection, our Operations Team and Safety and Security Team have developed a comprehensive plan to guide our response to the virus. This includes:
– Pre-flight protocol: Before each flight, our reservation team makes sure that all the protocols have been respected (a form to be completed, medical order, …). In addition, before boarding, our crew will ask you additional control questions to minimize any risk.

– Aircraft cleaning: ProJets crew ensure aircraft are cleaned after every flight with onboard disinfectant fluid proven to be effective against Covid-19. A deep clean is scheduled every 2 days with our authorised cleaning vendors using products proven to be effective against the virus. Whenever deemed required, an even more extensive cleaning process is available which includes disinfection fogging.

– Crew: In order to minimize the risk of having our crew exposed to the virus, and therefore our Owners, all our crew travel is closely monitored. Morning and evening, or more frequent, health and temperature checks are recommended as well as the usage of masks for all flights. A concentrated focus on social distancing at all times is a key element of our operation.

– Employee greeting etiquette: In order to minimise the risk of exposure, the avoidance of handshakes between our crew, Owners, as well as any supplier, is recommended.

– Staff awareness: Daily updates of the evolving situation with a panel of experts, relevant operational information and recommendations for safekeeping are shared with our staff.


Nous avons modifié nos opérations pour nous aligner sur notre priorité absolue: la sécurité de nos clients et de nos employés.